Basic Document Management Software : What is DMS?

Basic Document Management Software : What is DMS?

basic document management software
All businesses in the modern day world need at least basic document management software. Gone are the days where all your important documents were filed in a filing cabinet in your office. Nowadays, everything you need is stored online, where you can find it at a click of the mouse. Using software for your document management will ensure that your data is safe, well organised, and easy to access. In this article we are going to look at the definition of DMS, and how it is forever evolving.

Basic Document Management Software : The Basics

Document management software is a computer system that is used to store, track, and manage documents and electronic images. Electronic images can be stored once received by email or shared. Old fashioned paper documents can be stored in a DMS; all that is necessary is for the documents to be scanned so that the information on them is captured. Document management will ensure you organize and store your electronic documents in an orderly and secure fashion.

If you simply store documents on your computer, you will soon find that you lose information, or put things in the wrong place. You may organise files and folders on your computer. But, what happens when you wish to access your information from a remote access point? If you used simple files and folders on your PC, you won’t be able to. This is why you need at least a basic document management software system. Such software can be accessed from any access point that has the software downloaded, allowing you to share information remotely with your other devices as well as your colleagues.

Features of DMS

Basic document management software will allow you to simultaneously edit your documents; ensuring one person’s changes don’t overwrite another’s. All versions of your documents will be stored, so you will be able to see just when a document was updated, and by whom. Rolling back to a prior version is simple.

The type of DMS you require will depend on the size of your operations. Systems are available from NorthStar Bristol to fit your individual needs. We can provide the support and training you need to ensure you know how to use your new DMS. We can also train you to use your dynamic templates with ease.

Document management systems from NorthStar Bristol provide a secure location for storage of all your documents. They allow for version control and audit trails. They are a perfect way to bring all your documents together, and save them in a secure place that can be accessed from where you need. Documents can be shared with colleagues, and each document will have its own properties. Choose to share a read-only version, or give people permission to edit. Organising documents has never been simpler. It saves you time, allows you to have a tidy desktop, and most importantly it will ensure the safe storage of all your important data.

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