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Cloud projects from Northstar provide you with the control and safety you need for all your data storage. With security at its best, we recommend cloud storage for small to medium sized businesses who really don’t need an in-house server.

If you are thinking of switching over to cloud computer, get in touch today. We can put your fears to rest, and show you just how your business will benefit from cloud storage and backup. We can provide server migration from physical to cloud, cloud to cloud backup, and much more for your business.

cloud computing Bristol

Cloud Computing Bristol : Benefits for your Business

Stand-alone computers are almost obsolete in today’s business world. Unless you are a one man operation who doesn’t need to share documents with anyone, cloud computing Bristol based is a necessity for your business. If you don’t currently share documents via the cloud, you are being left behind. The cloud is safe and secure, and […]

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cloud to cloud backup

Cloud to Cloud Backup Solutions for Your Business

Cloud to cloud backup is the copying of data stored on one cloud service to another. Very popular for small offices, it is quick, convenient, and cost-effective. With less maintenance and a lack of hardware, you can save money by using cloud backup. Cloud backup can be run automatically, meaning no manual intervention from you. […]

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