DMS System : Why Do I Need Document Management

DMS System : Why Do I Need Document Management

DMS system
A DMS system is a document management system. The vast majority of modern businesses use some type of document management. There are very few businesses still in existence that don’t use computers at all. A DMS system is a computer storage system that will manage and track your electronic documents. Software can track and store electronic images too. This is done by using a scanner to capture the image electronically. To put things simply, document management is how your organization stores, manages, and also tracks its electronic documents.

DMS System : For all Modern Businesses

If you still rely heavily in a filing cabinet in the corner of your office, it’s time you updated your way of thinking and implemented a document management system. Software used in your DMS system will not just organise and store your documents in a safe place. It will also save you time and effort and human resources too. When you use computerised systems for storing your documents, you can cut back on employees and on office space.

Document management systems have been available for some time, and came before modern content management systems. The first DMS systems however worked on a stand-alone basis. What this means is that your document management system would work only for your computer, and not for everyone’s within your organisation. Cloud-based storage and remote access are very new when it comes to document and content management.
Modern DMS Systems
A modern document management system can check in and out documents, and allow you to edit them online. A modern system will ensure that simultaneous editing will not allow for one person’s changes to overwrite another. Your system will however always allow for roll back to a previous version. Your system will have an audit trail, annotation, and stamps.

The type and size of DMS you choose for your business will depend on the size of your business and your individual needs. Standalone systems are still useful for some small business, but large scale systems that allow for a global audience are increasingly popular. When choosing the type of system for your business, it is important to look to the future. Although your operations may be small at present, they will most likely grow in the near future. So, don’t choose a system that you will outgrow in just a few months or a year.


There are numerous advantages of using a DMS system for your business, and really few or no negative issues. The small cost incurred in using a management system for your data and documents will quickly be recouped when you save time and money that would before have been spent on paying someone to take care of all your filing.

Although you may like your current system of filing in your office, it is important that you move with the times. In today’s modern business world, it is important that you can share documents at the click of a mouse. The days of faxing documents should be a thing of the past for your business. All documents should now be shared online, with electronic signatures being used to ensure you no longer have to print out, sign, scan, and send documents to clients and associates.

When you choose a modern system for document management, you will be able to downsize your in-house IT department. This may also mean that you can downsize the office space you rent. When all your data and documents are computerised, your office needs will become smaller, and you will also find that you have less overheads to contend with every month.

When you choose a document management system for your brand, you will also be improving the security of your business. In an old fashioned office, although you may keep your filing cabinet locked, there is always potential for people to find your documents and data. When everything is stored online in a remote place, only those will access will be able to view your files and data.

For more information on document management, contact Nothstar Bristol today. We can help you decide on a system that will suit your needs. We can help you choose a system that is flexible and affordable and that will grow with your business. Our solutions are affordable and friendly, and we can provide you with the necessary training to ensure you know how to use your new DMS.

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