Document Management Storage : Which System Should I Choose

Document Management Storage : Which System Should I Choose

Document management storage
One thing is clear in the modern business world and that is that to be efficient, you need document management storage. But, which system should you choose and why? There are two main systems that you can choose from; in house and cloud. In-house IT departments can be a drain on your resources, and for smaller businesses we recommend you choose cloud-based systems. In this guide we are going to look at exactly what a DMS is, and help you decide on which type of system you need.

Document Management Storage : What is DMS

To put things in the most simple of terms, document management storage is akin to having an electronic filing cabinet. It is a system that will organise all your documents and images in digital format, in a safe and secure environment. A document management system will keep all your files organized and quick access to all your data when you need it most.

You document management storage system will be able to save files and data in a wide range of formats including PDFs and spreadsheets. You will be able to monitor who is viewing a document at any one point in time, and restrict access to only certain people. You will be able to retrieve and edit old versions of documents, and control and regulate the safe destruction of out of date documents.

Self-Hosted Versus Cloud DMS

Now you are clear as to how a DMS can help you, it’s important to choose the right system for your need. Cloud and in-house systems will offer you the same features, but they also have several key differences. When you choose self-hosted, all the software will be stored on your own servers, and you will be able to store as much as you want without any limitations. This type of system generally has a one-off cost that can run into thousands when your operations are large. You will pay for the software, license fees, and installation charges.

You will also need to pay for upgrades in the future as well as ongoing support should you require it. The biggest advantage of this type of system is that you are totally in control. Even if your Internet goes down, you can still access the documents you need as they are stored in your internal servers. The downside to this system that is most noted is the cost. They are far more expensive than cloud-based systems where you only pay for the space that you use.

Cloud Based

When you choose a cloud-based system, the software will be hosted by the provider of your choice. You will be able to log into your system from any remote access point where you have Internet. You will pay a monthly fee that is flexible, and that depends on the amount of storage you need. You will also have support from your provider included in your monthly fee. The only real disadvantage of this type of system for smaller businesses is that you are reliant on your provider, and also on a reliable Internet connection.

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