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Why Use 800 Templates when 5 are Enough?

Northstar welcomes Dania Software

Northstar are proud to introduce the newest innovation from Dania Software in template management for both Microsoft office templates and third party templates. We have been selected to introduce dynamic template to the UK market. When you switch to this solution to manage your templates from Microsoft or any other vendor, your letter production will become easier. You will save time and money. Read on to find out why you should switch to dynamic template today.

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Dynamictemplate from Northstar : Innovative Microsoft Office Template Solutions

When you choose dynamictemplate by Dania software, you can reduce the the need for thousands of templates to just a handful. This means is that changing your logo, content, or marketing messages will take just minutes. Tasks like change your marketing messages as many times as you like , will become so much simpler when you leave your traditional templates behind.

If you currently use dozens or even hundreds of Microsoft Office Word templates, or multiple templates in specialist or line of business systems then you will be slowing your business down. With dozens of templates, changing your compliance message and content or logo could take days. With so many different templates to change, you will waste time and errors are more likely. You may even find that sending out promotions was simply abandoned due to taking up too much time. This is why you need dynamictemplate for your business today.

Our dynamictemplate system from Dania Software uses just a handful of templates. It means that making changes to your Microsoft Excel templates or Word templates can be done in minutes. Are you guilty of not updating your templates because it was taking up too much time? With dynamictemplate, communication between you and your customers will also run more smoothly. Automatic management of content and texts will put an end to unprofessional looking mistakes. Whether you have a few staff or a few thousand staff dyanmictemplate is the template answer for you.

Dynamictemplate has already sold to half of all local government organisations in denmark , the Norwegian central government and is currently used by Havering, Gravesend, and Newham local authorities in the UK. The savings you can make can be phenomenal on your current ms office templates or specialist systems templates. One UK council department saved in excess of £200,000 in just three years.

Dynamictemplate is easily integrated into your current business systems. As an addin to Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint, as well as integrated into specialist systems such as CRM you can finally get all your templates under control. Speak to us today about how this Dania Software will revolutionize your company. With minimal training required, you entire workforce can be using dynamictemplate in just days.

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