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In your efforts to achieve your business goals there is always a tension between taking on new IT to gain a competitive advantage,  maintaining stability to support busy operations at the same time as keeping costs under control.  At its core is a good IT infrastructure design.

Our Infrastructure Projects start with Manufacturer Validated Designs and incorporate a wealth of knowledge gained from supporting a huge number of diverse infrastructure designs.  We always build in resilience to remove points of failure and include room for growth at a percentage agreed with the business.  We complete our projects with good commissioning and documentation as well as a review to ensure that the project has met the stated business goals.  Our expert engineers are Cisco and Microsoft certified with experience in design, configuration and implementation of everything from the network to the servers and on to the Cloud.  We can build on to your existing infrastructure or build from scratch, always focused on partnering with you to meet your business goals.


Building a solid Infrastructure provides a sturdy foundation to reach your Business goals

Our experts can create a network to fit the needs of your unique business. By a Network we mean connecting all your devices together in a fast secure way to make applications perform at their best. We specialise in Cisco and have partnerships with all the other leading vendors for networks, switching, routing and wireless. We can organise patching on site or configure equipment remotely.

We work closely with your or our telecommunications partners to create the best communications for your company. Ensuring that from the telephone handsets to the applications, your staff can communicate easily and securely at all times. We can help you to utilise products like Skype for Business and other secure collaboration titles to make information flow beautifully.

Cloud solutions may not always be the best business route for every application in every business. Which is why we offer storage and application server solutions using on-site servers as well as hosted. Talk to our experts for assistance in your infrastructure design and get the best combination of everything.

If you require this service we can build, from scratch, your office IT infrastructure to suit your business needs helping you to reach your business goals.

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Infrastructure FAQs

Below we have compiled a list of all helpful questions we are asked on a daily basis and our knowledge.


What do you mean by 'IT infrastructure'?

The IT Infrastructure is the interconnected foundation upon which all applications are laid. It’s all the components like ‘switches’, ‘servers’ and services working together to allow the powerful business applications to be responsive, and stable as the organisation strives towards its goals.


Why is infrastructure important?

Like laying foundations for a building or putting the right business processes in place from the start, good IT infrastructure produces stable and fast applications which in turn are a powerful force in your organisation reaching its Goals.

Why do you use Cisco and Microsoft infrastructure?

We choose Microsoft because they are the only vendor named a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrants for IaaS, Application PaaS, and Cloud Storage. As we are experts in the interface, migration and support of traditional IT working with industry leading technology in the area of Cloud Infrastructure is vital for us. We choose Cisco because Cisco are positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure. Again this lead is vital to us helping our customers to be the best.

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