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As well as our major services such as out sourced support, Cloud services, hardware sales, designs and Project Implementation; we provide managed services for a wide range of IT needs from warranties and licensing to managing printers and your security. This is the side of IT that needs constant management.

The term 'Support' tends to be used in regard to fixing faults but Management refers more to preventative maintenance and producing long term improvements to stability, security and functionality in your IT Infrastructure helping your business to reach its goals. Our managed services ensure that your hardware, software, security, and network infrastructures do not go into disrepair.

Regardless of the level of skill of your staff or the amount of resources you have we can help you to manage your IT more successfully; for example we can help you to get ready for ITIL or just implement some of the ITIL principles to improve the quality of the service IT provides to the Business. This will improve how you manage incidents (faults) and project to improve IT.

We offer a consultation so you can find better management for your IT systems to help your organisation reach its destination.


We manage your IT so you can reach your destination

Let us eliminate the stress and manage the complexity of software asset management. We will make sure you have the licences you need to be compliant as well as managing all the renewals leaving you free to focus on your business goals. We can undertake an initial free of charge assessment of the licences you have and the requirements of your business. We then present our findings in an easy to understand format taking the mystery and complexity out of the decision making process. We can then keep track of changes and present renewal requirements in an easy to understand format each year helping you to keeping cost down.

When a device breaks the speed of repair determines the impact on your business. Hardware or warranty contracts guarantee parts and access to vendor knowledge. We can manage all the contracts for all your hardware. We investigate what you already have and present opportunities to save money and lists of renewals. We can present a whole year with contract lengths allowing management to make decisions about supporting key business systems.

There are business functions that need continual periodic rounds of focus because we live in an ever changing world; IT security is one of them.  We can help you to instigate a system to do this ensuring that security never falls of the agenda.

For those implementing ISO27001 (the specification for the information security management system) and wanting to continually monitor and improve security as part of their normal systems.  Whether or not you are planning to implement ISO27001, We can help you manage your systems for better security.

Staff can waste a lot of time ensuring documents are easy to access and print when they are needed. Most companies don’t know how much time and money is spent on document processes and printing devices. We help organisations gain control of documents and reduce printing using industry leading tools from companies like HP and Xerox. Moving from an unmanaged to a managed print solutions typically saves companies around 30% (Xerox statistic) on the costs in that area.
When you move to a new office or add a new location to your business operations there are lots of requirements to consider. Builders and removal services don’t have the in depth knowledge to eliminate IT disruption during the move. Our expertise can ensure that nothing is forgotten and every key task is undertaken in a timely fashion to ensure your staff have excellent IT facilities fully functional from the first day. So even if you are moving buildings there will be no disruption to any IT functions and you can continue doing business as normal.

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Outsourcing IT Support FAQs

Below we have compiled a list of all helpful questions we are asked on a daily basis and our knowledge.


What is managed IT services?

It’s where we take on the responsibility for all your IT needs and make it better. Managed services implies monitoring and caring to remove the stressful concerns of your IT that frees you and your staff to drive your business towards its goals.

What do you provide as managed IT services?

We can manage everything or a single of your business. We look at your business goals and design the services to meet your needs. Our managed services include services based around software, hardware, security, network infrastructure and print management. We can create key services such as outsourced support, infrastructure and cloud projects which we managed to help you reach your business goals.

Can we manage your IT wherever you are?

Due to Cloud technology we are able to manage your IT wherever you are. Although we are based in Portishead, Bristol we have many loyal customers all over the UK.

What are the benefits of managed IT services?

Faster applications, more reliability in the systems you rely on, getting the best of new technology to compete better, protection from the effects of disasters, happier more productive staff, peace of mind and cost reductions.

Is my company too big or too small for managed IT services?

If you see IT as worth doing well then you are not too small. Often with the latest well designed new technologies we can support applications for very large numbers of staff. Better management can help you reach your business goals whether you're small or big.


How can managed IT services save me money?

By utilising our expertise, new technology can create large efficiency savings. Better practices and designs reduce licensing costs, hardware maintenance, support costs and power consumption. You can also focus staff on their strengths reducing wasted time and costs, and eliminating the need for new staff and all the associated costs.

What if I have an existing IT staff?

No problem. Many of our clients have an existing IT staff. If you already have IT employees, we will work with them to allow them to utilise their strengths whilst we fill in the areas where they need assistance. This makes the whole IT effort more efficient, saving time and money whilst increasing staff morale. In fact we don’t see IT as something to keep secret we share what we know allowing your IT staff to grow and leaving us to focus on only the key services you require from us.

How does billing work? Do I get billed every time we call you for assistance?

We offer flat annual fee managed IT services including unlimited support. However if you prefer a block of hours we can accommodate that too.

We have mobile employees; can they take advantage of your managed IT services?

Yes. Our remote managed IT services are available anywhere.

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