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Creating the ideal IT environment for your business is a journey. With our services, we can help you reach your destination.

Our IT technologies, methods and services are continually carried out in a way that's more reliable, more powerful and more cost effective than ever before because we determine your destination in order to reach your ideal IT environment. Together we match your business goals and IT needs to IT services and set targets to achieve them.

When your IT is not in sync with your business goals, your business is impaired, with our services you can utilise and channel IT in a more powerful way than ever before to achieve your goals.

Our 16 years of IT experience will ensure that you are in safe hands with guidance that you can trust.

Our services run most effectively when we have a one-to-one relationship with your business. By knowing the ins-and-outs of your business we know exactly what you require when you require it and together we can successfully help you move forward in your IT journey.


Explore the services that will help you reach your destination

Outsourcing is the affordable alternative to having an in-house IT staff and is the preferred solution for small to medium sized businesses. Outsourcing gives you access to experts and the flexibility to keep costs low by only purchasing services that truly benefit your business. We create a tailored contract that addresses your business' individual needs at a price that reflects the amount time it takes to provide hardware support, software support or other services you require.

Requests for services are logged on our helpdesk by telephone or email. Most faults are fixed remotely eliminating the need to wait for an onsite engineer which in turn saves you time and money. However if you need onsite service we are ready and able to do so whenever required.

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As well as our major services such as outsourced support, cloud services, hardware sales, designs and project implementation; we provide managed services for a wide range of IT needs from warranties and licensing to managing printers and your security. The term Support tends to be used in regard to fixing faults but Management refers more to preventative maintenance and producing long term improvements to stability, security and functionality in your IT Infrastructure helping your business to reach its goals.

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In terms of IT 'the Cloud' is a relatively new concept but it has grown to be a powerful part of the IT industry; providing more storage, higher security, easy sharing, remote access to services and resilient protection of data for businesses.

We work closely with Microsoft and other vendors to provide the best combination of Cloud services for your business.

Cloud Computing can be a great way to save cost and provides a big alternative to traditional hardware infrastructures; Cloud services have been adopted widely by small and medium sized businesses helping them to grow and compete with much larger firms.

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We understand that a Cloud solution may not be the right route for every application required to meet your business goals because every business is unique. This is why we provide infrastructure design and implementation including network connection, phones servers and desktops as well as Cloud to help make up the ideal IT infrastructure environment to support the business.

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