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Northstar welcomes Dania Software

Northstar is excited to announce that we have been selected to introduce to the UK market dynamictemplate from Dania Software. This Microsoft Office template solution allows your organisation to significantly simplify letter production and more importantly save money.

When we say simplify, what we mean is reduce the number of templates from hundreds to single figures; not only will control of your messaging be a breeze but it means you can change your message, logo, wording etc in a fraction of the time it takes to change traditional templates.

We are sure you have hundreds of templates and keeping these consistent, relevant and legally compliant has restricted your organisation. Have you wanted to change your logo? Have you needed to change a compliance message? Have you wanted to send out an alert or latest promotion but have been frustrated due to the cost, timescale or complexity of changing all the letters and templates?

Take a look at our quick video here

Our system uses so few templates it means that any changes can be made in hours rather than weeks or months, offering your organisation significant savings and also improving communications. Different departments are still able to produce their own letters but ensuing correct visual identity and automatic management of standard text content means minimal risk of mistakes.

dynamictemplate has been embedded for years into numerous local governments in Scandinavia and also in three local authorities in the UK (Havering, Gravesend and Newham).  Savings from one UK council are in excess of £200,000 in the three years of operation and that is from only one department.

Integration to EDRMS and your line of business systems is very simple and requires little IT input plus it bolts onto Word, Excel and PowerPoint and requires the users to have little or no training meaning a minimal implementation timeframe.

Speak to us today about how dynamictemplate can revolutionise letter production in your organisation.

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