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Outsourcing your IT is an affordable alternative to a full in-house IT team, especially for small and medium sized businesses with tight budgets.

Success from out sourcing depends on the things that you outsource. Every business is slightly different with different requirements and that translates into the way that you outsource them. The key is carefully written, simple contracts, ensuring that both parties fully understand their responsibilities, identifying which services can be most efficiently run, which results in real benefits for staff. When boundaries are clearly defined service level agreements will ensure that your organisation can get all the help it needs in the right way and at the best price.

All our IT services are based on the ITIL Framework thus enabling us to produce a high quality IT support service at a very competitive price. Our ISO 9001 standard also ensures that the level of quality that we offer on behalf of customers is maintained at a very high level.


Every business is unique, so every support model will be different

When it comes to outsourcing, each IT support service will be different as each business is unique.  We work for a diverse range of organisations helping each in the way that they need to be helped.

Maybe your organisation have a highly trained and experienced in-house IT engineering team who have worked there for many years.  In this case we find that the day-to-day running of 1st and 2nd line support can take up their valuable time and prevent strategic and important projects from going forward.

In this case you can outsource 1st and 2nd line support to increase efficiency and reduce costs.  Support models in large organisations have shown that 1st and 2nd line services can often be expensive and inefficient.  Whereas coupling maintenance agreements with responsive remote support produces efficiency and actually resolves issues more quickly than having an on-site split between 3rd line support and projects with some time spent on 1st and 2nd line support.

Capable management of the day-to-day phone calls and questions of users will increase the trust in the IT service in your organisation and allow staff to really utilise the tools they have available to them for efficiency and to drive competitive advantage.

Of course these two examples are just for illustration.  The benefit of working with us is that we can tailor support services with all our expertise are at your disposal.  This gives you absolute flexibility in what we support, keeping costs down and quality at the highest level.

Our Engineers work with your IT staff covering networking, servers and all the other IT technology and services in the market to help your onsite IT staff to feel empowered to bring the best IT services to help the organisation meet its business goals.

It may be that your in-house IT team are doing an excellent job at 1st and 2nd line support.  However they lack the industry wide experience and skills or there are not enough of them to undertake more complex faults or projects that don’t fall into the day-to-day IT tasks.

In this case we can become the outsourced 3rd line support capacity and the technical lead for projects.  Your own staff can undertake tasks that they know well.  They can also get involved on projects or complex fault fixing, learning and gaining skills.  At the same time issues are resolved and projects completed quickly and cost effectively.  For support in this way, every question and every support ticket is managed and resolved in a timely fashion, allowing your organisation run smoothly and for you to focus on your Business Goals.

Of course these two examples are just for illustration.  The benefit of working with us is that we can tailor support services with all our expertise are at your disposal.  This gives you absolute flexibility in what we support, keeping costs down and quality at the highest level.

Our Engineers work with your IT staff covering networking, servers and all the other IT technology and services in the market to help your onsite IT staff to feel empowered to bring the best IT services to help the organisation meet its business goals. 

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Find out how you can reach your Business Goals with IT


Outsource your IT so you can reach your business goals

Desktop Support

A carefully designed and managed desktop infrastructure is vital to having a smooth running business. It's now possible to outsource desktop support at a low cost with effective processes and services implemented by our expert engineers. Out sourcing desktop Support for each user's desktop ensures that your in-house engineers are freed from the day-to-day tasks and fixes, leaving them more time for more important project work.  In a small business your administrative staff may be wasting time firefighting an unmanaged desktop environment that outsourced support  could make more useful, faster and far more stable.

Mobile Device Support

Harnessing the power of mobile computing can increase your business's efficiency as data can be accessed from anywhere. This moves your business forward by utilising every screen for productivity whatever its size or location.  Failing to manage this resource at best wastes the opportunity and at worst leaves your business vulnerable to disruption caused by rogue applications or activity.

Supporting network Infrastructure

Our experts can take on the support of your IT Network ensuring that Business Software Applications run smoothly and faults are fixed fast.  Often during our support we discover that IT Networks are not configured to produce the optimum performance and we can feed this into your Change Management Processes.

The implementation of a well-designed network is often overlooked or misunderstood in small and medium sized businesses.  Unless Switches, Routers, Firewalls and Wireless Controllers are connected together very carefully the performance of your Software Applications can be very badly impaired.  The creation of a good network design based on budgets, protecting against equipment failure and making your software applications run fast is a big challenge.  Our experts can help you to get the best out of what you have as well as assisting you in making a strategy to improve your Network for supporting your business goals.  This process results in your IT Network correctly matching the needs of your business.

Supporting Servers

Whether you have one server or many, careful management and support ensures fast responses for your users and fast fixes when faults occur. Our outsourced support is more than just fixing problems; our experts apply their years of experience to help identify which problems are faults (incident management) and which are due to issues with design for referral (Problem Management).  Having the correct combination of outsourced support services for your servers, whether they are on premises or in the Cloud, will be cost efficient and focused assisting your business to meet its goals.

Other Hardware and Software Support

Reliance on IT hardware and software has never been greater for businesses to gain a smooth performance of Software Applications, these being the difference between Business success and failure.  Having the correct IT Partner to support your systems is vital.  Whether it's ‘first line’ support, expert ‘third line’ engineers or strategic partners to help you move forward, we can help.  Following ITIL principles we manage every support incident and undertake every task in a professional and timely fashion helping your staff to get what they need at every stage with their hardware and software.


Reach your Destination

Outsourcing IT Support FAQs

Below we have compiled a list of all helpful questions we are asked on a daily basis and our knowledge.


Why should I outsource my IT?

It gives you access to specialist expertise or services based on defined service levels at a fraction of the cost of employing someone to do the same job.

What IT can I outsource?

You can outsource any IT from Hardware to software, your IT services and anything in the cloud or on-premises; for example, a helpdesk, specialist expertise, server maintenance, email management, application support, IT security, telephone system support, network management, the hosting of servers, IT projects, power or other equipment maintenance and servicing. You can outsource the rental and support for the whole IT and telephone system with no capital outlay for your business.

Will I have less control over my IT if I outsource?

We produce monthly service reports and an IT strategic roadmap for your business. You have on-line access to monitor the status of calls should you need this level of control. Your outsourcing agreement will also include a Service Level Agreement, which details the service commitments that you can expect and what happens if your service provider does not meet those service levels. As well as having an account manager who will make sure that you get everything you need in a timely and professional manner.

Will my IT department be out of a job?

Your IT people’s employment status is protected by Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations, generally referred to as ‘TUPE’. We produce a process of integrating them into our team so we can work together in partnership.


How long will it take to start outsourcing?

If your company is without IT support, then we can implement our service within two days. A typical situation is that an existing agreement is ending at a certain date. We then plan and transition the service in the month leading up to the incumbent suppliers contract end. To outsource your IT people, then you need to allow for a reasonable consultation process for the people involved. We would recommend a period of at least two months from initial engagement to going live.

What are the benefits of outsourcing my IT?

You can focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that we are proactively maintaining and providing IT support for your employees. It terms of money, it is possible to lower your support overheads; certainly moving to a more flexible cost base rather than fixed overheads from employing your own team. Being your chosen outsourcing partner, you will benefit from the vast knowledge, experience and additional resources we can offer. This also means that you don't have to pay any extra technical training costs and no requirement to hire in-house technical skills. This will allow you to Improve your business performance from new technology advancements without the need to waste money on research and development yourself. We will be able to do this by offering proactive solutions. Outsourcing reduces in-house management time which increases efficiency in your organisation. Holidays and sickness cover is also our responsibility leaving you with no hassle.

How do we keep updated on your performance?

We produce service reports showing measurements adjacent to your Business Goals. These service reports include the availability of your critical applications, e.g. Email, line of business application, database or network. We measure the number of calls to the helpdesk answered and the number of problems closed within the service level agreement. We also get an indication from the reduction in problem calls being logged. We really value what you think so completing a periodic subjective measurement survey will help us collect the information on how people feel about our services. We collect this from an online survey at the close of each support call. We consider any financial measures that are relevant to your business and we link the performance of IT to your business performance. We also measure downtime as a value of lost business productivity.

Will outsourcing save money?

Outsourcing can lead to cost savings; it does depend on your particular circumstance. If you have an in-house IT team, then we can demonstrate cost savings over the medium to long term. If you require extended service hours and improved service, then an outsourced service may allow you to achieve this to a comparable cost. If you suspect that you have people within your IT department that are not fully occupied, then creative outsourcing removes the unproductive time from their day.