Paperless Document Management : The Future for all Businesses

Paperless Document Management : The Future for all Businesses

paperless document management
Paperless document management is not just more common than it was a few decades ago. It is the future. It is not just in your business that you use less pen and paper. If you need a reminder to do something, you will put it on your phone with an alert. In fact, your smartphone device will tell you everything you need to do and everything you have done in a day. So, if you are still using pen and paper, it’s time to catch up and get your business into the 21st century.

Let’s take a step back in time and imagine your office a decade ago, or perhaps back in the 20th century. Filing cabinets would be a prominent feature, as would stack of folders and post it notes. Desks would be cluttered with papers, in trays, and everywhere you turned you would find more and more files and folders. The setup of your office would also most likely be very different too. There would be a lack of open working spaces, only a few old-style computers, and for sure an old fashioned fax machine. So, let’s fast forward back to the present day.

Paperless Document Management : For Modern Businesses

If the thought of paperless document management scares you, then you are over-complicating things. A modern document management system is not actually that different from your old filing cabinet. The only difference is that your filing cabinet will be inside your computer. Document management systems will include files and folders, and easy to find places to store your documents.

The basics of document management are therefore very easy to understand. On your computer desktop you can have folders where you keep all your relevant files and documents. However, this type of paperless document management is also becoming obsolete. The reason why? Because using this type of system does not allow you to share your content or files will anyone. To share a file you would have to send an email with an attachment, or upload it to your Drive.

So, what are the best document management systems for your business? The answer to this question depends on the size of your business and what you do. For small to medium sized businesses, cloud-based paperless document management systems are excellent. These will allow you to share all your documents safely and securely with your work colleagues. There are many systems to choose from. For a small business, just using Google Drive and DropBox could be more than sufficient. Here you can share your documents, and control who can see them and edit them.

Template Management

A document management system that all your colleagues can access from their own devices will ensure that all files and folders are kept in the right place. One area that you should also consider is a template management system. Dynamic templates will ensure that all your company papers have the same heading and logo, and that no one uses out of date templates that are still stored on your computer.

As a business owner, the more organised your documents are, the more time you will have to dedicate to running your organisation. If you have dozens of templates floating around on your computer, you will often forget which one to use. Also, colleagues may be unsure. It looks unprofessional if one invoice is sent with one template, and the next with a completely different one. So, how to dynamic templates within your paperless document management system work?

Dynamic templates allow you to choose just a handful of templates. Your organisation does not need dozens of different templates. These templates can be edited and updated online. This is what makes them dynamic as opposed to static. All versions of your templates will be saved, allowing you to revert to an older one if you so desire. You can update your template for the festive season, or design a promotional template that will run for a short space of time.

Professional document management and dynamic templates will set you aside from your competitors. When you have a leading edge over your competitors, you will be able to dedicate the time you need to the correct running of your operations. If you often waste time trying to find a file you saved somewhere to your laptop, or worse still, a file that is somewhere in an old-fashioned cabinet, it’s time you made some important changes and brought your business into the 21st century.

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