Northstar Limited Testimonials

Support Contracts

personal service, rapid response and low overheads… View Testimonial “Support Contracts”

Managing Director of a Perfumery

Problem Solving

Managing Director of a Perfumery

IT Support

services invaluable… View Testimonial “IT Support”

Managing Director of a manufacturing company

Preventing Problems Occuring

Property & IT Manager of a non-profit organisation

Projector Installation

excellent job of keeping me informed… View Testimonial “Projector Installation”

Ben Hull

Office 365 Migration

quickly, smoothly and efficiently… View Testimonial “Office 365 Migration”

Steve Griffiths

IT services

the service…exemplary… View Testimonial “IT services”

James Read

IT Support

friendly and understanding… View Testimonial “IT Support”

Angela Scott

IT Products and Services

Pete Worthington

Router Issues

Chris Wilkinson

Microsoft Products and other Hardware

Jamie Llewelyn